Amin Roshan

2013 Snow Foam

Snow Spray, or Joyful Snow Spray as it is known in Iran, has a short life-span and therefore the joy associated with Snow Spray cannot exceed its lifetime; this Snow Spray reminds us more of our emotions with their exterior reference points rather than any individual excitement. Where we live is full of given reference points: petroleum, for instance, a treasure loaded by fake happiness which can expire overnight. We are such lonely people among the heritage of petroleum: taking into consideration its historical disadvantages, particularly the social, political and environmental ones. Snow spray, as an artificial element, brings about brief pleasure and this, in turn, makes us doubt its durability. Since the discovery of oil over a hundred years ago, we have witnessed fundamental developments in ourselves, our points of view and our lives. In the end, when this artificial element, petroleum, merges with the reality of our daily lives, it takes on tragic dimensions.
Snow Spray’s collection of paintings utilises as its technique crude oil applied on silk screen.