Amin Roshan

2011 performance

Naftoon is a neighborhood in Masjed Soleyman in southwest of Iran where oil was found for the first time in the Middle East on May 26, 1908 and it soon became an industrial town. It could be said that Naftoon was the first place where modernism was brought to Iran or even the Middle East. My family used to live there and I spent my childhood in this neighborhood. As oil finished in this city, H2S emissions from ground level and its pollutions made people move to other cities.
As a symbol of 278 empty deep wells in Masjed Soleyman, 278 gas cylinders are located next to each other in the gallery. Gas is connected to bagpipes and the musician plays sad groans with gas. The smell of gas is spread in the gallery and audience leave the gallery one by one.
Bagpipe is a native musical instrument of southern Iran composed of a reservoir of air, made of skin of goats and a handle at one end.

Performance Video